Introducing: Revisiting Haddonfield

This morning I finished Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield, making my progress marker well over the halfway point of season seven of The Simpsons. However shocking it may be, that’s not what I’m here to post about as I do sometimes watch other things.

‘Tis the season for horror films and I thought it might be fun to revisit an entire franchise over the course of the month. Last fall I did exactly that with Child’s Play, and to be honest I’m semi-upset I didn’t have the idea to track that on here because I think the playful cross-genre glee of those ludicrous films would have been fruitful for a couple good posts on here. Of course, on a personal level I don’t really feel the urge to do the same thing twice as it feels a well trodden path, so I decided to go in another direction. I think at this point it’s well documented that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hooper, 1974) is my favorite horror film of all time; it’s an absolute terror from beginning to end, so that was my first thought. In the end, I decided to go another direction thinking the franchise might be a tough commitment after the wacky second entry. The next thoughts I had were the big ones, and slowly I narrowed it down to Romero’s Living Dead series, Halloween and Friday the 13th.

It was a tough decision, but I’m going to go with Halloween this year, as admittedly formulaic as it may seem. I think it’ll be an interesting one to go with as there are very few franchises as storied as the one centering on Michael Myers, yet at the same point there are very few films in the series that are actually unanimously loved. I’ve never sat down and watched them from beginning to end, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see how they fit in together. From the perspective of the impact of audience reception on production, it’ll be especially interesting to track the transition from the first sequel to the (failed) attempt to morph the franchise into an anthology in the third entry, to the return to Myers. From there, we’ll work our way through the later entries and end with the divisive, indulgent and sometimes over explanatory Rob Zombies reboots that have surfaced within the last decade, only to be heavily criticized by John Carpenter over the past few weeks.

At any rate, in the next few days I’ll be starting the original film and after every entry I’ll come back for a little post. See you soon!


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